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- How to spot a fake - Part 3 - Industrial Circle T headcover

Posted by David McDougall on

We recently receive in stock, a white and red Industrial CT headcover. On listing this on eBay, two of the exact same head covers were listed, with one issue...they were fake. One of the easiest ways to initially tell if it's a fake...if it's in a Scotty Cameron bag/packaging, it fakes. No REAL Tour headcover ever came in a bag and not Tour Rat headcover was ever produced in white. Only black.


Today, we will compare the real and fake versions of this Tour headcover.


One word we can't stress enough when it comes to fakes...quality! If you have an item in hand and your questioning the authenticity, consider the quality. Occasionally with the very old Scotty headcovers(early to mid nineties), there was an issue with stitching and even now there can sometimes be inconsistencies, but overall, the quality should speak for itself. Scotty Cameron products are high end items and if you feel the quality isn't there in the item you have, it may be worth getting a second opinion on.



Straight away, with the picture below, you can see the difference in colour. The real cover on the left has a nice bright white colour to it, whereas the fake on the right, is grey/cream in colour. Throughout the selection of pictures and including this one, you'll see the fake is puffy around the stitching and edges. The real is smooth in the same spots.


The same issues can be pointed out in the following picture...


The toe of the headcovers are quite different here too. The real on the left has no defects, unlike the fake, which is ruffled. Puffiness and shape is quite noticeable here.


The next two pictures show you a number of things....colour, the placement of letters, the quality of stitching, puffiness and the material of the covers themselves. The fake itself has fairly good placement of the CT logo. This is not usually the case and one of the first things to check when buying an Industrial CT cover.


Here we can cover all the same issues as above. Placement, quality, colours, etc.


Massive tell-tale here....only the early Scotty covers had the plastic hard side of the velcro on the right side. Since then, the plastic hard side has been on the left and as you will see here, the velcro on the fake(right side) is only two thirds of the length of the real one.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. contact-us@customcameron.co.uk

We also try to keep many of the sold items listed on our sold pages, so please use that as a reference.


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