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- How to spot a fake - Part 2 - Circle T Pistolero

Posted by David McDougall on

This time around, we're looking at CT Pistolero grips. These are plentiful on eBay and if your not on the ball, they can easily be mistaken for real.



The first thing you need to ask yourself is "How expensive is it?". If it's cheap, then more than likely it's fake. Of course, it can be expensive and fake, but generally, most folk know what they are selling and if there's no real reason for selling it on cheap....


So let's look at the main differences:-


The following picture shows one tell tale...the depth of the butt end indentation. The real grip on the right is very shallow, whereas the fake on the left is very deep. Notice the grips are placed evenly...



...but in the next picture, you will see the fake grip is approximately 3-4mm shorter. The indentations are similar to the previous picture, but notice the fake grip's indentation is still deeper than the real grip, but placed 10mm up from the edge, unlike the other, which is approx. 8mm from the edge.



The next picture show's the general depth of the lettering. Again, the fake is much deeper than that of the real grip on the right.



This picture gives a great shot of how different the imprints are. Namely the positioning and size of "GOLF". The real grip is now on the left and the fake on the right. The real has "GOLF" central over "PRIDE" and the size and shape/quality is much different from the fake. The hole is closer to the centre of the butt also.



But the most noticeable and distinguished part of the grip, the CT, has inconsistencies too. The fake is oval compared to the real. The red is overall the red, slightly more orange to it, than that of any black Pistolero.


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