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- How to spot a fake - Part 4 - Tour Rat headcover

Posted by David McDougall on

Yet another headcover and one that is again widely faked...the Tour Rat.

The first thing you may notice...the difference in colour. Genuine Tour Rat headcovers do NOT come in white. That's the most obvious difference out of the way, but all the other usual tell-tales are still there. Difference in material, with placement and quality of stitching.

With the genuine cover below, pay careful attention to where the red CT is placed against "SCOTTY". A slight gap can be seen of the black plether, at the top tip of the C...on the fake, this gap doesn't exist. The red CT itself is also perfectly round, but the fake's CT is somewhat oval. "TOUR ONLY" is also well stitched and straight, whereas the same can't be said of the stitching on the fake.

One of the main inconsistencies are highlighted in the pictures below.

Check the red stitching of the nose of the Rat. It's a definite point on the genuine, but on the fake, it has a protruding point...a major sign your cover is fake. The pieces of cheese change on different non-genuine Rat covers too. We've seen some where there are more than 5 pieces. One other point, the red stitching inside the ear is joined up on the fake, where it is not on the genuine.

Quite a large sign of a fake in the next couple of pictures...the material of the Rat.

You will see the material of the Rat is in keeping with the material of the main body of the cover, albeit a different colour. The same creasing and type of material, but check the fake and you'll see a whole different type of material has been used.

The one more detail is the same as described in previous comparisons, which is what side each piece of velcro is stitched to. The real has the coarse velcro on the left side, when looking into the cover and the soft side to the right. The fake cover above has these on the opposite side.


As with every time we do a comparison, we hope it isn't to help you decide your newly acquired headcover is fake, but more-so to help you in BUYING a real one. It's all too easy to buy what we shouldn't.

As ever, any questions, just email us at contact-us@customcameron.co.uk

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