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2018 Junk Yard Dog 2018 Junk Yard Dog 2018 Junk Yard Dog
2018 Junk Yard Dog 2018 Junk Yard Dog 2018 Junk Yard Dog

2018 Junk Yard Dog

£ 0.00

  • Model: Custom Shop Junk Yard Dog¬†mid mallet
    Condition: 10/10 - Brand new
    Additional Info.: Awesome new JYD cover from Scotty, in tough wearing Ballistic Nylon grey, with Dancing Junk Yard Dog's, in Black and Schoolbus Yellow embroidery. Scotty Cameron and Custom Shop details either side finish it off. To fit GoLo and other similar style putters.
  • Below is a guide to our rating system.

    We try to be as honest as we can in rating our products. We also try hard to let the pictures show you as much detail as possible. Together with our rating system, you should be able to decide if the product is to your liking or not, but if you require further pictures, we will try our best to accommodate.


    9.5 rating would be near blemish free, but not good enough for 10, yet not bad enough for 9.


    10 - Brand new/Restored to new, without a flaw

    9 - Minor marks. Can be shop soiled

    8 - More noticeable marks, but still very good

    7 - Some major marks, but still very playable

    6 and below - Restorable condition, with rust and or heavy marking.



    10 - Brand new in bag, or out of bag without any marks or deformation

    9 - Near brand new, with slight deformation or marking

    8 - Still very good condition, with heavier marks from usage and velcro holding well

    7 - Bordering on not usable, but with some life left in it.

    6 - Not much life at all, with very heavy marks/tears and velcro very poor.



    10 - Brand new, with no marks

    9 - Slightest of marks

    8 - Some minor marks, with the odd scratch/ding

    7 - Decent condition

    6 - Poor, with heavy marks

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