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Restoring and paintfill

We regularly have people asking if we restore putters and what we charge...we ourselves do not restore/refurbish any putters. 
We look upon any third party restoring as a negative in terms of quality and value.
We only use Scotty's Custom Shop for restoring, as this keeps up the quality of workmanship, originally given with Scotty's putters and also keep's the value as high as possible. One further reason we do not use a third party to restore putters....you the customer! Our belief is, if we stick to the best quality craftsmanship, then you, the customer, will always know what you are purchasing from us.
In regards to paintfill on your beloved putter, we can carry this type of work out ourselves. We charge a base price of £60 inc delivery back to yourself and we require your putter for a minimum of 2 weeks.
Please enquire for further details and possibilities.