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- Scotty Cameron Headcover Sizes

Posted by Bold Apps on

The sizing of Scotty Cameron headcover's can be confusing to some, so here is a brief outline of what headcover fit's what style of putter.


- Blade

The most popular size of headcover, the blade is suitable for any putter like the Newport, Laguna, Mil Spec, etc and even some of the smallest mallet head putters, like Del Mar 3.5's and Studio Design No.5.

Below is pictures showing a blade style headcover.


- Mid Mallet

The Mid Mallet sized headcover is designed to fit such putters as the GoLo and Futura CB/MB. Styled very similar to the Blade headcover, the Mid Mallet is broader in appearance, when looking down on the top of the cover.

Please see the below pictures for reference...


- Round Mallet

These types of headcovers are specifically made for the Futura X5 and X7 models, but can be used for older putters like the Kombi. While not technically named the XL Round, this is generally the easiest way to describe the size/shape of the cover. Previous to the X7 and X7M putter being released, the X5 and X5R enjoyed a cover which is smaller in size and thus much more snug, than the newer X7/M sized version and this should be remembered if you intend buying a Custom Shop Jackpot Johnny headcover for your X7/M on the secondary market, as it may turn out to be the older X5/R version. This is simply too small a headcover to fit the X7/M putter, but the larger cover can of course fit the X5/R, though it does give the appearance of a much larger putter head, fitment is still perfect, with no looseness at all.

It must be also noted, that due to the options of different neck layouts and right/left handed putters out there, these types of mallet headcovers have different versions available.

To give you an idea of the change in size and shape from the X5/R cover, to X7/M, below are some pictures for you to compare...


- XL Square Mallet

For putters such as the Futura X from 2013-2015, the Square version of the XL Mallet can be used for many smaller putters, though we don't recommend it, unless the style of the headcover itself appeals to you more than others, as there's normally a better fitting and similarly looking cover available to suit. Roughly the same size as the XL Round Mallet, the Square version is as you would believe it would be...Square.

This XL Square Mallet headcover is also available in left handed and centre shafted styles.

Pictures below for reference...


If however you are ever in doubt, send us a message here and we will be happy to point you to the correct headcover for your putter.

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